Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tan I Am

I just rediscovered a self tanner I used to looove a while ago so I wanted to share with all the other bronzeaholics out there! It is by SUN laboratories based in "the hills" (so you know it’s legit). I love it for multiple reasons- but #1 has to be the smell. Typically with self tanners, they have this horrible carbohydrate-like smell because of the DHA found in so many. Surprisingly though, this one has a nice almond-y smell and is rather pleasant. After showering/exfoliating, moisturize your arms, legs, chest before applying the self tanner (I use the lotion version). I use one pump for each arm and one (sometimes two) for my legs. BEWARE FIRST TIMERS: this product may get streaky if you’re not used to self tanners so be sure to rub it in well! NB: I've also tried their "Tan Overnight" formula and love it too -try it here!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Product Review: Aveda Damage Remedy

I'm not normally one for leave-in conditioning treatments. Who really has the time to shower, apply a treatment, put a shower cap on, wait 10 minutes for it to work its magic and then rinse it off? Luckily, Aveda has come to the rescue with its Damage Remedy Restructuring Treatment. After shampooing, squeeze hair, shut off the water (go green!) apply, wait just 3 minutes and rinse! My hair really did feel softer and stronger. The formula contains pure plant oils and quinoa protein - who knew that such a healthy grain is also good for your hair! $24 for 4.2 fl. ounces. Available here!