Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tan I Am

I just rediscovered a self tanner I used to looove a while ago so I wanted to share with all the other bronzeaholics out there! It is by SUN laboratories based in "the hills" (so you know it’s legit). I love it for multiple reasons- but #1 has to be the smell. Typically with self tanners, they have this horrible carbohydrate-like smell because of the DHA found in so many. Surprisingly though, this one has a nice almond-y smell and is rather pleasant. After showering/exfoliating, moisturize your arms, legs, chest before applying the self tanner (I use the lotion version). I use one pump for each arm and one (sometimes two) for my legs. BEWARE FIRST TIMERS: this product may get streaky if you’re not used to self tanners so be sure to rub it in well! NB: I've also tried their "Tan Overnight" formula and love it too -try it here!

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