Saturday, December 17, 2011

DiorSkin Airflash Spray Foundation - Perfect Skin In Less Than A Minute

I was a little wary to try this Dior "airbrush-like" foundation since I had never experimented with a spray on foundation before.  There was about a two second adjustment period after my first spray and the rest is history.  This is probably the only foundation I will ever use again.  It's that amazing.  What's so amazing about it? You shake it (it sounds a little like a spray paint can), hold the can approximately six inches away from the face and spread an even layer.  I like to do the forehead first and then move in a "Z" direction ending at the chin.  Then I may do a little extra spritz on the cheeks (I try to contour even though I'm not great at it).  Then I just rub it in a tiny bit with either my fingers or a foundation brush and voila - finished! A flawless face in about 30 seconds.   I've found that this stays put all day.   I usually put a little bronzer and blush on following but that's really all I need in terms of face makeup.

Two things to note when using this product:
1)  I make sure to wear a headband (or at least pull my hair back) when spraying as it tends to get on my hairline
2) Since the foundation inevitably gets on my eyelashes, I always apply mascara following.

Although the price is a little steep at $62, you're really paying for perfect skin.  Available at and Sephora.   I can't say this about most products but this one really has changed my life (and my morning routine)!

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