Friday, January 20, 2012

Beautisol Self Tanner

You're probably sick of me reviewing self tanners at this point but I feel it is my duty to review as many as possible so I can provide as many opinions on self tanner brands as humanly possible.  This time I decided to try Beautisol self tanner because I read somewhere that it has no scent.  It does have a scent however it's definitely not as bad as other brands.  I got a few samples to test that came with really helpful "how-to" cards that contain tips and tricks for the perfect glow - very helpful for self tanner newbies.

Beautisol claims to have the most natural resulting color on the market "due to an innovative DHA that also prevents oxidative stress" (DHA is the ingredient in self tanners that makes your skin change color by oxidizing with the air within a few hours of contact with your skin. Very similar to how an apple browns once you bite into it and the flesh comes in contact with the air)

I do agree that the self tanner produced a very natural color and I loved that it appeared almost immediately.

The Dark Self-Tanning Lotion for Body retails for $39 - buy it here

The Face Self Tanner retails for $26 - buy it here

Disclosure: samples were provided to me to test

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